In Easter week, 1916, a group of Volunteers were organised in Doon, Co. Limerick. These men were to travel to Castleconnell Co. Limerick, to receive orders, and catch a train to Dublin with the intention of participating in the Rising. A long car drawn by two horses was borrowed from Pakie Hayes, the Hotel, Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick. The morning was wet and stormy as they left Doon. A policeman named Horan followed the car over the Bog Road for a couple of miles until he realised it was safer to return to his station in Doon. The Gallant company of young men travelled to Herberts of Castleconnell to meet Sean Carroll, (a local volunteer who was later to become famous in the war against the Black and Tans).

Sean informed the leaders, Pakie Ryan and Dan Allis, that the word had come from Owen McNeill stating their plans had been cancelled. Subsequently, these Volunteers had no option but to return to Doon and await the results of that great Historical occasion in Irish History, the 1916 Rising.

The names of those who travelled to
Castleconnell are, to the best of my
knowledge: Pakie Ryan (Hotel),
Doon, Con Bourke, Main St., Doon,
Jack Ryan (Mahoney), Doon, Mick
Clancy (Dr.), Doon, Paddy Ryan
(Mahoney), Doon, Dan Allis, Cooga,
Doon, John Morrissey, Bilboa,
Cappamore (formerly Glengar), Mick
Morrissey, Bilboa, Cappamore
(formerly Glengar), Michael
McCarthy, Gurtavalla, Doon, "Mick
Ryan (Minor), Gurtavalla, Doon,
William McCarthy (Yank), Gurtavalla,
Doon, Dan Ryan (Dillon), Gurtavalla,
Doon, Rodge Moloney,
Croughmorka, Doon, Brian Ryan
(Frank), Croughmorka, Doon and
finally, Paddy Shanahan, Lisowen,

On the 4th June 1920, Paddy O'Connell, Gurtavalla, Doon, was wounded when the Barracks in Cappawhite was attacked.

D.J. Treacy


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